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Simpler Implants

The Simpler Toadstool small-diameter implant is unique because it virtually eliminates vertical loading on the implant. Other features include the lowest profile, platform switching, tissue guidance, and HA coating, each of which cannot be found with any other narrow-diameter implant. When these features are combined together, it offers the best chance of successful short- and long-term osseointegration. The Toadstool is the culmination and combination of many proven, patented features. For more information, call (800) 565-3559.

Parameters of Product: Small-Diameter Implants Buyers Guide
Type of surface treatment? HA and grit blasted, acid etched
Shape Threaded
Size of diameter 2.5 mm
Length of implant 10, 13, 15, 18 mm
Prosthesis used Soft tissue overdenture or Bar supported O/D
Type of connection available O ring
Type of removable fixtures Soft tissue overdenture
Type of fixed abutments None
Impression copings None needed

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