ACTEON North America

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ACTEON North America

I-Surge+ is powerful and efficient, providing high torque (up to 72 Ncm with a 20:1 C/A) and a wide rpm range (20 to 2,000 with a 20:1 C/A). ComĀ­patible with 7 different e-type contra-angle ratio handpieces, it has 5 customizable programs to choose from. The brushless motor needs no lubrication. For more information, call (800) 289-6367 or visit

Parameters of Product: ELECTRIC Buyers Guide
High-speed head size
Motor rpm range; with attachments?
How is it lubricated?
Bur chucking
Can motor and box be retrofitted on existing air line?
Brushmotor or brushless?
Number of exit ports for chip air/ water delivery
Available with fiber optics?
Light intensity of fiber optics
360Ā° swivel?
Available with quick disconnect?
Autoclavable or chemiclavable?
Maximum autoclave temperature permissible?
Warranty on motor/control box
Warranty on attachments
Country of manufacture

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