DENTSPLY Professional

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DENTSPLY Professional

As clinicians strive to create operatories with minimal distractions, they recognize the convenience and simplicity of the Cavitron Built-In Ultrasonic Scaler when it is integrated into their dental control system and controlled by the dental chair foot control. It offers an open-office environment with the same benefits of traditional Cavitron units. For more information, call (800) 989-8826.

Parameters of Product: ULTRASONIC SYSTEMS Buyers Guide
Frequency range
Fluid flow rate adjustment?
Separate fluid on/off switch?
Manufactures diamond-coated tips?
Tips have water ports?
Root-end preparation tips?
Accept tips from other manufacturers?
Autoclavable handpiece?
Brand-specific or standard files?
Battery or electricity?
Self-contained or handpiece connected?
Type of irrigant

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