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The Rider apex locator can be easily mounted on or connected to any endodontic handpiece, or it can be used as a normal electronic apex locator without any handpiece. All Rider electronic apex locators are on sale, and you can trade in any apex locator. The Rider’s unique digital circuitry and precision (0.1 mm) eliminate errors. For more information, call (888) 429-0240 or visit

Parameters of Product: APEX LOCATORS Buyers Guide
Runs on? Batteries
Works by? Digital signal processing
Single or multiple frequency? Multiple
Remote display? Yes
Reads in? Blood, saliva, hypochlorite, all fluids
Coat probes needed? No
Graph readout? Yes
Digital readout? Yes
Smallest increment 0.1 mm
Recalibration required? No
Pulp tester? No

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