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VOLUX21C is a true all-in-one unit, providing all major x-ray imaging capabilities in one unit. It offers true panoramic x-ray, cone beam computed to­mography, and cephalometric x-ray. If you're looking for a unit that can do everything and keep it simple, this is for you. The imaging suite Triana software will keep everything organized and accessible at your fingertips. For more information, call (855) GENORAY (436-6729) or visit the Web site

Parameters of Product: 3-D Imaging Buyer's Guide
Number of installations More than 15
Focal spot size 0.5 mm
Voxel size 0.28 mm
What is the unit designed for? Small-volume imaging, large-volume imaging
Field of view size 14 x 9.2 cm
Radiation dosage 5 to 7 mA at 60 to 110 KV
Total exposure time 15.8 seconds
Reconstruction time 60 to 120 seconds
Degree of rotation 270°
Does CBCT require upgrading graphic cards/memory chips? Server PC required
Native DICOM3-compliant? Yes
Is viewing software bundled with CBCT purchase? Yes
Warranty period (months/years) Hardware, software, and sensors 2 years
Support handled through dealer or manufacturer? Manufacturer

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