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Ti-Max Z95L is a durable, high-performance electric handpiece. It features the smallest head and slim­mest neck dimensions, allowing operational visibility like never before. It performs at a remarkably low noise level with virtually no vibration to aid the clinician's focus and to enhance patient comfort. The Z95L gear shapes have been designed using high spec 3-dimensional simulation software, and a special, diamondlike carbon coating is applied to the gears, which both dramatically increase sustained durability. For more information, call (888) 675-1675.

Parameters of Product: ELECTRIC Buyers Guide
High-speed head size Small
Motor rpm range; with attachments? 2,000 to 40,000; 100 to 200,000
How is it lubricated? Spray, oil, automated device
Bur chucking Push button
Can motor and box be retrofitted on existing air line? Yes
Brushmotor or brushless? Brushless
Number of exit ports for chip air/ water delivery 4
Available with fiber optics? Yes, light source in unit
Light intensity of fiber optics 32,000 lux
360° swivel? No
Available with quick disconnect? Yes
Autoclavable or chemiclavable? Autoclavable
Maximum autoclave temperature permissible? 135°C
Warranty on motor/control box 36 months
Warranty on attachments 24 months
Country of manufacture Japan

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