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Developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy, recognized whitening science expert, KöR At-Home Whitening is ideal for patients who opt to do at-home whitening without office visits. The complete kit includes two 5-cc syringes of 16% carbamide peroxide gel, specially formulated for extended release in KöR Deep Bleaching trays. It also possesses a durable blue tray case, an at-home patient DVD and written instructions, 5-mL of at-home KöR Teeth Desensitizer, 22 desensitizer applicators, and 2 EVA sheets for fabrication of required KöR Deep Bleaching trays. For more information, call (866) 763-7753 or visit www.korwhitening.com.

Parameters of Product: At Home Buyers Guide Buyers Guide
Active whitening ingredient Carbamide peroxide
Concentrations of active ingredient 16%
Fluoride or desensitizers Both
Premixed or automixed Premixed
Thickening component Proprietary 100% aqueous
Viscosity Thick gel
When is treatment suggested? Night
Wear time per day 6 hours at nighttime
Longest wear time 10 hours
Reservoir technique? Yes
pH when in use in the mouth 6.8 to 7.0
Unit dosed By application
Shelf life 20 months
Tray material included? Yes
Flexible or rigid tray material Flexible
Tray material thickness 0.04 in
Post-treatment maintenance included in kit? No
Touch-up kit? Yes, 16% carbamide peroxide and teeth desensitizer

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