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Correct Plus hydrophilic im­pression material is a versatile impression material de­signed to accommodate all impression techniques. It is now available in 2 set times. A low contact angle of 30° guarantees outstanding detail in the presence of fluids. It is formulated with proprietary nano­particulate fillers for enhanced performance, and it provides exceptional tear strengths. It has a working time of 1:30 and a setting of 3:30, making it the ideal material for full-arch impressions or any situation where a longer set time is desired. For more information, call (800) 551-0283 or visit

Parameters of Product: Impression Materials Buyer's Guide
Material mixed with? Automixing syringe, mixing device
Fast set? Yes
Regular set? Yes
Material affected by? Gloves, eugenol materials, hemostatic agents, powders
Hydrophilic or hydrophobic Hydrophilic
Number of viscosities 7
Recommended for single-arch impressions? Yes
Recommended for double-arch impressions? Yes
Fragrance, flavor, or neutral Flavor, neutral
Shore A durometer at 1 hour 80
Earliest time after setting a model may be poured 60 minutes
Longest time after setting a model may be poured 3 weeks
Shelf life 3 years

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