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Filhol Dental

FILPIN is engineered to make placement easier, faster, safer, and stronger. It is 99.8% pure titanium, biocompatible, and compatible with all dental materials. It has self-threading, self-aligning speeds and eases placement for self-shearing the first time, every time once optimal depth is reached. After insertion, FILĀ­PIN can be easily bent to suit the restoration without breaking it or the tooth. Unique thread design maximizes retention strength without causing internal stresses that may lead to cracking or crazing. For more information, call (855) 714-9250.

Parameters of Product: Pins Buyer's Guide
Pin materials Pure titanium
Surface coating None
Design Threaded
Head shape Continuous with body
Size-matched drills and accessories? Yes
Drill instruments Slow-speed handpiece, reduced-ratio handpiece, hand instrument; also available for hand application
Placement Hand instrument, reduced-ratio handpiece, slow-speed handpiece
Pin depth Self-limiting (shearing), dentist limited
Sizes available (number) 0.6 mm at 0.021 in, 0.76 mm at 0.027 in
Lengths available 4mm
How are the pins packaged? Organizer
No. of pins per kit 35
No. of pins per refill N/A

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