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Dentatus USA

The Surtex Classic Posts have been in use worldwide since 1935 and adapted in-crementally to developing treatment modes and materials. They continue to stand the test of time. In titanium, stainless steel, and gold-plated, these posts are microtexturized to create better adhesion, and studies have shown them to be very retentive to resins and luting materials. The passive, parallel-sided post has the benefit of a tapered anatomical end for maximizing retention. All posts are packaged in the patented One-Stop-Dispens-er with integrated measurement gauges and are available in 5 lengths and 6 diameters. For more information, call (800) 323-3136.

Parameters of Product: Metal Posts Buyer's Guide
Material/ type of metal Titanium, stainless steel, gold-plated brass
Design Passive
Shape Parallel (with tapered end)
Recommended cement Adhesive (resin)
Recommended core build-up Material Resin
Available lengths (millimeters) 7.8, 9.3, 11.8, 14.2, 17.0 (plus head)
Available widths (millimeters) 1.05, 1.20, 1.35, 1.50, 1.65, 1.80
Are the drill and post components size-matched? Yes
Packaging Kit, refills (12 per package)

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