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Belmont Equipment

The 080/081 stool designs promote a reduced-strain working posture for operators. Seat cushions have contoured edges to minimize pressure at the back of the leg. Doctors’ stools feature seat tilt and backrest height adjustments. Assistants’ stools feature adjustable backrest, foot ring, and armrest height. Stools are available in duration vinyl or Ultra­leather. For more information, call (800) 223-1192 or visit the Web site

Parameters of Product: Stools Buyers Guide
Seat style Contoured cushion style
Seat tilt Model 080 has coordinated seat/backrest tilt feature
Backrest style Contoured cushion style
Lumbar support/backrest support Models 080 & 090 include contoured backrest support
Upholstery options Duration vinyl (standard); Ultraleather optional
Foot rest Model 081 Includes Adjustable Footrest; Model 080 does not include foot rest.
Height adjustment range Model 080 17”-23”; Model 081 20”-26”
Other features Model 081 Assistant Stool includes backrest and adjustable armrest support
Length of warranty 2-year warranty for stool; 1-year warranty for upholstery

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