Envision A Smile

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Envision A Smile

This unmatched graphic tool provides anatomically correct cosmetic images to clearly communicate with your patient and ceramist. Created by a dentist, it provides lifelike visual vocabulary, which enhances communication and improves case acceptance. The library contains full frontal- and lateral-view arches, single teeth, and can be customized by adding your own retracted views. It’s easy to use—5 steps can be done in 15 minutes. For more information, call (877) 841-1122 or visit www.envisionasmile.com.

Parameters of Product: Imaging System Buyers Guide
Computer platform Windows 98, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Home, Macintosh, Windows 2000
Operating system Windows, Macintosh
Suggested RAM memory (GB) 2 or more
Suggested hard drive capacity (GB) 250 or more
Input devices Keyboard, graphics tablet, mouse
Recommended printing output (lines x lines) Photo quality
Integrated with all common office management packages? No
Bridges all image formats? Yes
Who does installation? DDS/Staff
Online support available for installation? Yes
Years the system has been in service More than 3 years
Number of current users More than 200
Training method Online instructions, telephone coaching, tutorial included with sample cases
Telephone support? Yes
Toll-free?/Number of months of free support Yes, 12
Are upgrades planned? Yes
Is there a fee? No

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