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Shofu Robot Carbides are ideal for cosmetic restorations with high-quality tungsten finishing heads on stainless steel shanks. With a multifluted design, the carbides are available in 2 types. Carbide Finishers, available in 10- and 12-blade designs, are ideal for the surface finish of all types of restorative materials. Carbide CTF Fin­ishers, with 8, 16, or 30 blades, trim and finish cosmetic restorations near the gumline without damaging the subgingival tissue. For more information, call (800) 827-3638 or visit

Parameters of Product: Carbide Buyers Guide
Disposable or resuable/sterilizable Reusable/sterilizable
Packaging Single
ISO 9001 certification? ISO 13488 certified
Cavity surface Tungsten-carbide, stainless steel
Available shank lengths Friction grip: standard length, surgical length
Specialty burs 8-, 16-, and 30-blade finishing, crown-cutting carbides, surgical composite finishing
How sold to dentist? Dealer

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