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Manufactured with Swiss precision, Diatech Gold Diamonds offer the highest level of performance and durability at a reasonable cost. The exclusive multilevel diamond application ensures maximum, uniform crystal coverage, enabling rapid, smooth, and comfortable cutting. Diatech only uses natural diamonds that produce superior cutting efficiency and long instrument life. For more information, call (800) 222-1851 or visit diatechusa.com.

Parameters of Product: Diamond Burs Buyers Guide
Disposable or resuable/ sterilizable Reusable/sterilizable
Packaging 5-pack
ISO 9001 certification? Yes
Diamond type Friction grip: standard length, short shank, surgical length; Slowspeed latch: standard length, short shank, surgical length; Slowspeed straight: standard length, short shank, surgical length
Available grits Supercoarse, coarse, medium, fine, extrafine, ultrafine
Composite finishing?; If yes, grit size? Yes, fine, extrafine, ultrafine
Type of shank bonding Double-layer
Crown and bridge and/or operative? Crown and bridge, operative
How sold to dentist? Direct

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