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SDI (North America)

Conseal f is a fluoride-releasing, resin-based pit and fissure sealant. With the lowest viscosity resin sealant available and having a 27-g microfine tip, it flows faster and deeper into the prepared pits and fissures. It is 7% filled, and a low- viscosity etchant (Super Etch LV) is provided in the kit. It is available in single-dose compules and 1-g syringes. For more information, call (800) 228-5166 or visit

Parameters of Product: Sealants Buyer's Guide
Contents of kit 3 x 1g sealant syringe, 1 x 1mL low viscosity etchant syringe, 20 x Micro Fine applicator tips (27g).
Composition of sealant Multifunctional methacrylic ester (Principal Component)
Cure type Light Cured
Fluoride release? Yes
Application technique Application technique: 1. Clean and isolate tooth . 2. Etch tooth surface with Super Etch Low Viscosity etchant for at least 30 seconds, no more than 60 seconds. 3. Wash thoroughly with water. 4. Completely dry tooth. 5. Directly inject or brush apply Con
Color White

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