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Estelite Sigma Quick, a 100% spherically filled universal composite with a filler weight of 82% (71% volume), offers clinicians the same exceptional characteristics of Estelite Sigma with the addition of 3 new benefits, including extended working time (90 seconds) under the dental light, reduced curing time (by one third), and 3 new shades. It’s available in 20 shades and is dispensed in syringe and preloaded tips. For more information, call (877) 378-3548 or visit

Parameters of Product: Nanohybrid Composites Buyers Guide
Filler percentage 100% Spherically Filled
Particle size 0.2 μm SiO2-ZrO2
Type of shades available 20 Shades, 3 Opacities
Bond strength N/A
Hardness 44Hv (Vickers hardness)
Percentage of shrinkage Minimal Shrinkage at 1.3%
Method used for dispensing Syringe or PLT
Light-cure or Dual-cure Light-cure
Curing time 10 seconds with halogen light

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