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Implant Direct

This broad line of narrow-diameter implants combines the prosthetic versatility of 2-piece implants with the simplicity of application-specific, one-piece implants. Each 3-mm implant is approved by the FDA for permanent clinical use because of its surface area and strength. They are self-tapping for ease of insertion and have mini-threads to minimize bone loss. All-in-1 packaging includes abutments, transfers, and where required, healing collars and cover screws, providing an economical solution for narrow ridges and flapless surgery. For more information, call (888) 649-6425 or visit

Parameters of Product: Small-Diameter Implants Buyers Guide
Type of surface treatment? SBM (Legacy3 is also available in HA)
Shape Threaded Tapered Screw
Size of diameter ScrewDirect 3.0mm, Legacy3 3.2mm, SwissPlant 3.3mm, ScrewIndirect 3.0mm, GoDirect 3.0mm
Length of implant Implant lengths range from 8mm-16mm
Prosthesis used Attachment-retained, screw-retained, or cement-retained depending on implant used
Type of connection available screw-receiving, attachment, internal hex for 1-stage procedures or internal hex for 2-stage procedures
Type of removable fixtures resilient attachment
Type of fixed abutments angled, straight, custom-castable
Impression copings closed- and open-tray, analogs for working models

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