Dentatus - Atlas Denture Comfort Implant

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Dentatus - Atlas Denture Comfort Implant

Atlas Denture Comfort Implants revolutionize stabilization of mandibular dentures with the proprietary Tuf-Link silicone reline material. Tuf-Link grasps on and around the Atlas' dome-shaped head, eliminating cumbersome housings, o-rings, and adhesives. The entire procedure is performed in a one-hour chairside visit, is minimally invasive, and is extremely economical. You can attend Dentatus' hands-on workshop, where you will perform the procedure start to finish on a model that will later be used for patient education. For more information, call (800) 323-3136 or visit

Parameters of Product: Implant Systems buyers Guide
Featured connectors N/A
Style Threaded
Finish Textured
Diameter Narrow
Fixed or removable replacement Removable replacement
Removable fixtures available Ball and silicon resin reline
Type(s) of prosthesis retention N/A
Impression post supplied? N/A
Type(s) of impression copings N/A
Types of abutments N/A
Fixed abutments N/A

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