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Brasseler USA

The NL9000 series of high-speed air handpieces comprises solid titanium handpieces that feature a new neck design, ceramic bearings, 360° quick-disconnect swivel coupling, and cellular fiber optics. With top-line power and an extraordinarily light weight, these handpieces are available in miniature, standard, and high-torque head sizes. For more information, call (800) 841-4522 or visit the Web site

Parameters of Product: Air-Driven Buyers Guide
Type of bur chucking Friction grip, push-button
Method of turbine repair In-office self repair
Autoclavable or chemiclavable? Autoclavable
Maximum autoclave temperature permissible? 135°C
Cleansing chemicals corrosive to handpiece parts? N/A
Head size Mini, medium, large
Drive air pressure (psi) 42
How is the handpiece lubricated? Spray, automated
Country of manufacture Japan
Number of ports for chip air/water delivery 4 for both
Available with fiber optics? Yes
Light intensity of fiber optics 32,000 lux
360° swivel? Yes
Quick disconnect? Yes

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