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Category: Live Coverage at the 2010 Greater New York Dental Meeting

Discus Dental Demo (video)

At the Discus Dental booth Hero, a hydrophilic sealant, was used to smooth out the edge so that the product won’t leave ridges. The BPA-free sealant will still adhere even with water or saliva present. Hero is effective because of Embrace technology, which bonds in moist conditions. Click read more to view the demonstration.
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Triodent Booth

At the Triodent booth there was a demonstration of the Wedgeguard. The guard gets taken off so the wedge goes in, and the rings are made of Ni-Ti. Triodent also introduced the VeroNobis oral retractor. The product was designed to relax the tongue and minimize any potential gag reflex.
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Suni Booth

At the Suni Imaging booth the three-sensor promo kit is being sold for about half price, which is the biggest promotion they've ever offered. The three sensors that can be included are any size combination of the USB Interface and the Prof. Suni Master Software. Suni also introduced the Suni3D in HD. All of the Suni pan systems can be upgraded to the full pan/ceph systems and there are special deals on all products.


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Isolite Systems Booth

At the Isolite Systems’ booth there was a demonstration of the Isolite system. It improves the procedure’s productivity by about 30 percent. The system keeps the mouth illuminated continuously throughout the entire procedure, something other products can't say.
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Ultradent Products Inc. (video)

At the Ultradent Products’ booth there was a demonstration involving the VALO curing light and the skill it takes to use any curing light proficiently. The Management of Accuracy when Resin Curing (MARC) system measured the intensity and wavelength of the user.

For the full video of the demonstration, read more on the next page.

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LumaLite Booth at GNY

At the LumaLite booth we saw the Lumacool whitening pen, which has been repackaged and is now smaller than ever. Each pen is good for 40 applications and LumaLite is selling roughly 6,000 per week.
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