October 2013

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Preventing Carious Lesions: Clinical Steps for Applying a Newly Introduced Hydrophilic Sealant
Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA, CDD, discusses the use of a highly filled and radiopaque sealant system.

Efficient and Economical Composite Resin Placement: A “Fast-Track” Technique for Posterior Restorations

Jürgen Manhart, DDS, PhD, discusses modern direct composite resin materials that allow the clinician to use a “fast-track” technique for placement.

Clinical Perspectives on Materials and Techniques
Jeff T. Blank, DMD, discusses and demonstrates a few recently introduced materials and techniques that have helped him deliver optimal care.

Innovative and Affordable Options for Smile Enhancement

Ross W. Nash, DDS, presents a series of mini cases demonstrating different uses of an affordable technique used for aesthetic provisionals, and more.

Stable Restorations in a Less-Than-Stable Economy!
Simona Cuevas, DDS, presents a direct composite restorative case, providing a step-by-step clinical protocol.

Dentists and Teachers Sink Teeth Into Oral Health Education

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