February 2013

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Common Threads: Care and Maintenance of Implants
Lisa C. Wadsworth, RDH, DA, discusses implant maintenance issues as related to the role of the dental hygienist.

Prophylaxis Paste Reduces Dentin Hypersensitivity

Periodontal Therapy and Prevention of Gastric Helicobacter Pylori Recurrence

Periodontitis and Atherosclerosis

Vitamin D Linked to Lower Caries Rates

Efficacy of Chlorhexidine Mouthrinses With and Without Alcohol

New Trends in Dentistry and Treatment Planning
Frank M. Spear, DDS, MSD, discusses the latest trends in dentistry and dental education along with some of the challenges faced.

Root Canal Shaping Using a Reciprocating File System
David J. Landwehr, DDS, MS, illustrates different uses of a new single-use, single-instrument mechanized shaping system.

Improving Existing Dentures With Mini Implants: Idealizing a Knife-Edged Mandibular Ridge
Steven T. Cutbirth, DDS, discusses how an existing denture was retained and improved with the use of surgery and small-diameter implants.

A Team Approach to Implant Reconstruction: “Part 2”
Robert A. Lowe, DDS; Charles Maragos, CDT; and Pete Hemstock; detail the recovery of an implant-supported overdenture after an implant failure.


Long-Lasting Multishade Composite Restorations
Robert Margeas, DDS, shows how he creates multilayered composite resin restorations with longevity in mind.

Minimally Invasive Protocol to Maximize Aesthetics
Arthur R. Volker, DDS, MSEd, and Paulino K. Kim, CDT, demonstrate the use of a modern all-ceramic to morph peg-shaped laterals into full laterals with excellent aesthetics.


Fracture Resistant Endodontic and Restorative Preparations
David Clark, DDS; John Khademi, DDS, MS; and Eric Herbranson, DDS, MS; explore dramatically upgraded cavity preparations that could lead to a significantly longer lifespan of both the tooth and the restoration.

Implant Overdentures: Selections for Attachment Systems

Joseph J. Massad, DDS; Swati Ahuja, BDS, MDS; and Dave Cagna, DMD, MS; describe a method for the practitioner to decide when to use a stud attachment, a bar attachment, and/or fixed restorations for full-mouth implant prostheses.

The Challenge of Access to Care

Orthognathic Surgery and Recovery Have Different Anesthetic Requirement

Anesthetic Combination Offers Rapid Recovery

Stem Cell Therapy Regrows Craniofacial Tissues

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