January 2013

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Efficient, Accurate, and Affordable Digital Scanning
Donald Erickson, DDS, discusses a new and more affordable chairside scanning system.

The Bridgeless Bridge: A Real World Solution to a Common Problem
Marvin A. Fier, DDS, presents the concept of the “bridgeless bridge” that he has used with considerable success for select patients.

Restoring Severely Worn Maxillary Anterior Teeth: Use of a Sagittal Orthodontic Appliance
James Brosnihan, DDS, discusses how a sagittal appliance can be used to gain clearance without prepping already worn lingual tooth surfaces.

Treatment of Biologic Width Invasion and Apical Periodontitis: A Single-Stage Combined Approach
Sung Hyun Kim, DDS, MSc, PhD, et al describe a single-stage combined approach involving endodontic treatment, surgical extrusion, and socket debridement for the reestablishment of biologic width and periapical healing of the mandibular premolar tooth.

Restoring Aesthetics and Function: A Bioesthetic-Based Approach
Maria L. Longo, DMD, and Dan O’Rourke, CDT, BDT, share how they restored a patient following principles based on a biological model of health, function, and aesthetics.

Tooth in a Bag: Same-Day Monolithic Zirconia Crown
Jack D. Griffin Jr, DMD, discusses the indications and use of CAD/CAM fabricated full-contour zirconia restorations.

No Attached Keratinized Gingiva? A Clinical Solution for the Clinician
Timothy Kosinski, DDS, demonstrates the use of a flap procedure for selected posterior implant cases where there is no attached gingiva on the facial.

The Future of the Solo Private Practice