August 2012

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The CT/CBCT-Based Team Approach to Care, Part 1: Identifying the Implant Patient and Prosthetic Options
Michael Tischler, DDS, and Scott D. Ganz, DMD, discuss the team approach to fixed implant dentistry.

Predictable Stabilization of a Lower Denture
Lawrence Schoonover, DDS, outlines a treatment protocol that the GP can use to predictably stabilize an ill-fitting lower denture.

Differential Diagnosis of Toothache Pain: Part 2, Nonodontogenic Etiologies
Lisa Germain, DDS, MScD, stresses the importance of methodical diagnosis in endodontics.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction: The Importance of Treatment Planning in Restoring Aesthetics and Function

Charles C. Cooper, DMD, and Andres E. Sosa, Od, describe how they dramatically improved a patient’s aesthetics and function with a carefully planned full-mouth rehabilitation.

Histological Layering Technique for Composites
Jeff T. Blank, DMD, presents an anterior direct composite case demonstrating the use of a histologically-based layering technique to improve aesthetics.

Semantics Undermines the Oral-Systemic Disease Message

Clostridium Difficile: Germ Poses Threat Across Medical Facilities

Promising Therapeutic Approach for Periodontal Disease

Biomaterial Enhances Healing After Dental Implants

Potential Benefits of Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

Study Links Gum Disease and HPV-Status of Head and Neck Cancer Tumors

Report Finds Continuing Declines in Cancer Death Rates

Why Some Cancers Spread to Bones

Treatment of Chronic Severe Periodontitis Studied