January 2014

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Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Mesh Exposure Repair
Carlos Boudet, DDS
, presents a case report involving a ridge augmentation procedure that resulted in complications, sharing how the dilemma was resolved.

Nearly Universal Materials: Materials and Techniques Designed to Simplify Clinical Choices

Jack D. Griffin Jr, DMD, outlines how the use of a carefully planned clinical protocol leads to consistent results.

Cosmetic Gingivectomy Using Radiosurgery

Jeffrey A. Sherman, DDS, demonstrates the use of an advanced generation of radiosurgical instruments.

The Stress Axis/DNA Protocols in Denture Fabrication, Part 1
J. Patrick Ford, DDS
, introduces a novel denture fabrication protocol.

Implants Versus Endodontics: "As the Pendulum Swings"

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