June 2013

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Simplified Technique for Parallel Placement of Mini-Implants
Gerald S. Wank, DDS, and Arthur R. Volker, DDS, MSEd, share a case report on the use of a novel paralleling technique for the placement of mini-dental implants.

Aesthetic Zone Challenges: Untreatable Teeth, Part 1: Using Low Intensity Orthodontic Eruption to Safeguard Gingival and Bone Levels

Elliot Mechanic, DDS, BSc, in a 2-part article series, discusses how he solved anterior aesthetic challenges with a comprehensive approach.

Mental Imaging in Endodontics: Living in a Place You’ll Never See!
L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS, describes the concepts, procedures, and instruments that allow clinicians to build a mental model of hidden spaces.

Magnification Alternatives: Seeing is Believing, Part 1

Glenn A. van As, BSc, DMD, explores current alternatives for improving operative visualization in daily dental practice.

A System for Success: Increasing Revenue and Patient Comfort by Embracing Technology
Mark E. Hyman, DDS, demonstrates how he employs new technologies to increase practice efficiency and patient comfort.

The New Science of Strong Teeth: Class II Preps

David Clark, DDS, discusses the new science of strong teeth.

Removing All-Ceramic Restorations With Lasers
Jeffrey P. Cranska, DDS, presents a case report demonstrating the use of laser technology to remove permanently cemented all-ceramic restorations.

Stretching Educational Boundaries

New Research: Mouthrinse Reduces Plaque and Gingivitis

In-Office Bleaching Agents and Composite Resins

Vitamin D and Periodontitis

Fractional Co2 Laser Irradiation and Enamel Remineralization

Human Microbe Study of Periodontitis

Fluoride in Drinking Water Cuts Tooth Decay in Adults

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