April 2013

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Solving Complex Full-Arch Cases With Simple Solutions
Vincenzo Bucci Sabattini, MD, DDS; Andrea Mascolo, DDS; and Paresh B. Patel, DDS; share a case report describing a new technique for immediately loading an implant-supported, fixed screw-retained bridge that has flat abutments to achieve a superior passive fit.

Update on Apexogenesis: Case Reports: Achieving Predictable Root Maturation in Young Patients
Rico Short, DMD, discusses apexification and the endodontic indications for the use of mineral trioxide aggregate.

The Shaping Movement: Fifth-Generation Technology
Clifford J. Ruddle, DDS, MSD; Pierre Machtou, DDS, MS, PhD; and John D. West, DDS; identify and compare how each new generation of endodontic Ni-Ti shaping files served to advance canal preparation methods.

Implant Therapy in the Aesthetic Zone: Maintaining Gingival Margins
Steven L. Rasner, DMD, focuses on 3 key factors influencing the final gingival architecture.

Management of Occlusion Over Implants, Part 1: Three 10-Year Case Follow-ups and Evaluations

Rodrigo Escalante Vasquez, DDS, in part 1 of a 2-part article, provides rationale for use and long-term results for porcelain-fused-to-hybrid gold restorations.

The New Science of Strong Endo Teeth
David Clark, DDS; John Khademi, DDS, MS; and Eric Herbranson, DDS, MS; continue their presentation on the new science of strong teeth.

Advancing the Standard of Care With the LANAP Protocol

David Mangot, DMD, presents several mini case reports demonstrating the effective and predictable use of the laser-assisted new attachment procedure protocol.

Endoscopic Periodontal Debridement
G. Richard Young, DDS, discusses the application and benefits of endoscopic periodontal debridement.

HPV Oropharyngeal Cancer: A Killer Among Us

Accuracy of Technology for Placing Implants Tested

Test Detects Cancer Earlier

Genetic Link to Periodontitis Confirmed

Gains Made Toward Treatment of Rare Bone Disease

Prophylactic Antibiotics and Implant Surgery

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