March 2013

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Achieving Reliable Denture Stability: The Need for Implant-Retained Overdentures to Increase
Gary Robert Johnson, DDS, presents helpful tips and solutions placing implant-retained overdentures.

Avoiding Restorative Failure
Lee Ann Brady, DMD, covers the treatment planning, occlusal therapy, and restorative decisions to minimize failures.

Making Contact: A Method for Restoring Adjacent Posterior Direct Resins
Jeffrey M. Rosenberg, DDS, presents a systematic process for restoring adjacent contacts.

Simultaneous Removal of the Whole Pulp Tissue: Case Reports

Filippo Santarcangelo, DDS, and Arnaldo Castellucci, MD, DDS, present a novel technique for the simultaneous removal of the entire pulp tissue in multirooted teeth with irreversible pulpitis.

New Options for Restoring a Deep Carious Lesion

Robert E. Rada, DDS, MBA, talks about new options for restoring deep carious lesions.

Patient-Friendly Short-Term Orthodontics

Angie Nauman, DDS, reviews the use of short-term orthodontics and shows how she noticeably improved a patient’s aesthetics and function.

Combining Enamel Microabrasion and Dental Bleaching: Recovering Smile Aesthetics

Lucas Silveira Machado, DDS, MS, et al present a case report demonstrating the use of a clinical protocol for enamel stain removal followed by dental bleaching using carbamide peroxide.

Getting the Right Shots! Tips and Tricks for Consistent Photographic Excellence

Jason H. Goodchild, DMD, and Mark Donaldson, BSP, PharmD, present a clinical protocol to effectively use dental photos in support of doctor-technician communication and in practice marketing.

The Brave New World of Digital Dentistry

Protection From Radiation Side Effects

Milk Formulas and Dental Plaque pH

Breaking Bone to Create Stronger Bone for Implant Surgery

Electric Brain Stimulation Releases Powerful Painkiller

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Dental Anxiety

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