October 2012

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Exploring Minimally Invasive Options: Managing Demands, Expectations, and Outcome
Brent Engelberg, DDS, and Brad Jones discuss the ins and outs of managing and treating the cosmetic dental patient with modern minimally-invasive dental materials.

A Simple and Effective Treatment for White Spots
Sam Halabo, DMD, discusses a new technique for the removal of unsightly hypoplastic areas on anterior teeth.

The New Age of Ethical Cosmetic Dentistry: Implementing the Concept of Progressive Smile Design
Tif Qureshi, BDS, introduces a new approach for cosmetic dentistry while addressing accessibility to more patients.

How Do Masters Do It?
John West, DDS, MSD, explores what successful dentists, whom we could call masters of their craft, do differently.

The CT/CBCT-Based Team Approach to Care: Part 2: Communication With the Surgeon to Support the Final Prosthesis

Michael Tischler, DDS, and Scott D. Ganz, DMD, in part 2 of a 3-part series, continue their discussion related to the team approach to fixed-implant dentistry.

Place and Restore Dental Implants Economically
Paresh B. Patel, DDS, discusses the need for cost-effective implants in a case report presentation.

Direct Composite Resins Continue to Evolve

Lee Ann Brady, DMD, shares a case report involving the use of a new, sonically placed composite resin.

Using Bioactive Liners: Stimulating Post-Traumatic Dentin Formation

Jack D. Griffin Jr, DMD, discusses the use of a bioactive liner to stimulate dentin formation after an accident involving a fractured tooth.

Flexible Partial Denture Variations: The Use of Circumferential, Combination, and Continuous Clasp Designs
Paul Kaplan, MSci, DDS, MSD, presents several mini case reports that deal with variations in clasped and flexible partial designs.

Repair Technique for Broken Cast Teeth
Won-suk Oh, DDS, MS, and Ju-mi Park, DDS, MS, PhD, demonstrate a technique used to repair broken teeth on stone casts.

The Impact of Effective Online Marketing

Methadone Use Poses Risks

Safe Use of Cone Beam Computed Tomography

New Techniques for Computer-Guided Implant Dentistry

Challenges of Cleft Lip and Palate

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