May 2012

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Get a "Yes!" for Nonsurgical Periodontal Treatment
Debra Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS, discusses issues related to the dental prophylaxis and periodontal maintenance.

Product Focus: Prophy Angles

How Bacteria Fight Fluoride

Enamel Remineralization by Chewing Sugar-Free Gum

Periodontal Disease and Hyperglycemia in Diabetic Patients

Effect of Cigarette Smoking on Periodontal Surgery

Oral Conditions and Colonization by Staphylococcus Aureus

Shape of Color: Aesthetics from a Physiologic Perspective
John C. Schwartz, DDS, discusses how physiologic analysis provides a methodology for implementing color into anatomic shape, position, and composition.

Cosmetic Nightmare! Composite Success!
Richard Winter, DDS, highlights how he dramatically and affordably improved the smile of a young patient who presented with amelogenesis imperfecta.

Separated File Removal
Yoshitsugu Terauchi, DDS, PhD, presents case reports that deal with retreatment issues involving the retrieval of broken files.

Making Implant Dentistry Easier and Less Costly

Paul Hertz, DMD, describes and demonstrates a device that was developed to ensure proper placement of implants.

A Digital Buffet
Martin B. Goldstein, DMD, presents an annual update on digital photography.

The Direct Composite Bridge: Still a Unique Solution for Some Clinical Situations

Robert A. Lowe, DDS, presents a case demonstrating the application of an immediate direct nanocomposite resin bridge as an alternative to a traditional fixed partial denture.

Nanomicrohybrid Composites Make Posterior Placement Easier
Marcos Vargas, DDS, MS, describes some of the advantages of using a modern universal nanomicrohybrid composite resin material to place a Class II posterior restoration.

Treatment Planning a Bioesthetic Case

Kenley Hunt, DDS, and Mitch Turk, DDS, in part 3 of their 4-part series, talk about the final diagnosis phase of treatment, covering the use of the maxillary anterior guided orthotic splint.

Specialty Recognition of Oral Medicine

Antiretroviral Human Immunodeficiency Virus Drugs and Birth Defects: Is There a Link?

Azithromycin in Periodontal Treatment

Dental Pulp Stem Cells Transformed by Halitosis Chemical

Effect of Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride Gel Application Time

Xylitol and Magnolia Bark for High Caries-Risk Patients

Effect of Mouthrinses on Oral Malodor

Novel Bioactive Peptides Promote Wound Healing

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