October 2011

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Dentistry Is Challenging: Cosmetic Dentistry Even More!
Lorin Berland, DDS, presents a case report describing how he overcame numerous obstacles in order to provide an acceptable outcome for his challenging patient.

Composites in a Three-Dimensional World
Brian LeSage, DDS, shares an innovative concept of 3-dimensional indirect composite artistry using CAD/CAM technology.

Lithium Disilicate: Masking Discolored Teeth
Jason C. Horwitz, DDS, discusses how developments in material sciences and CAD/CAM technologies have enabled dentists to successfully complete aesthetic cases with more efficient techniques.

Quick Technique for Evaluation of Interocclusal Space
Won-suk Oh, MS, DDS, and Berna Saglik, MS, DDS, present a reliable and predictable way to precisely measure an existing interarch dimension.

The Case of the Elusive MB2 Canal
L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS, writes about the challenges associated with finding and treating the MB2 canal.

Technique for the Temporization of an Anterior Implant
Les Kalman, HBSc, DDS, describes a temporization technique that allows for the simple and efficient postsurgical temporization of dental implants.

The "First Implant": Protocol for the GP Part 2, Utilizing CT Guides
Michael Tischler, DDS, and Scott D. Ganz, DMD, in the second article of a 3-part series, present a general dentist's protocol to placing and restoring his or her first dental implant.

Dental Cements: An Overview
Robert A. Lowe, DDS, reviews permanent and temporary cements to be used in aesthetic restorative applications.

Managing Temporomandibular Dysfunction Requires Accuracy

Jeff T. Blank, DMD, explores the technical implications of impressions and bite registrations have on the management of the TMD patient.

Efficacy of Removing Root Filling Material

Symptoms and Risk Factors of Xerostomia

Zoledronic Acid and Osteonecrosis of the Jaws 

Resistance to Antibiotics Not a Recent Phenomenon

Primary Sjögren Syndrome in a Two-Year-Old Patient

Implant Prosthesis Offers an Improvement Over Dentures

Passing Along Harmful Bacteria From Parent to Child

Creating Crystals to Fight Periodontitis

Periodontal Treatment and Plasma Lipoproteins Levels

Key Plaque Bacterium Protein Discovered

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