April 2011

Glidepath Implementation: "Return to the Beginning"
John West, DDS, MSD, shares how to implement the skills to produce competent, consistent, and confident Glidepaths in a busy restorative practice.

Exploring the World of Bioesthetic Dentistry
James R. Benson, DDS, discusses an aesthetic and occlusal philosophy that can be learned and applied to achieve optimal dental health.

The Risk of Omission: Performance of Screening Exams
Jo-Anne Jones, RDH, outlines the intra- and extra-oral examination process and discusses the rationale for employing oral cancer screening technologies.

Compromised Foundations Require Confident Conversation
Richard Winter, DDS, presents a case study that demonstrates the need to educate our patients about the options available to restore the lost restorative interface.

Placing Posterior Composites: Increasing Efficiency
Ronald D. Jackson, DDS, describes the use of the latest generation of direct composites in case presentations.

Flowable Composites: Aesthetics for Tots and Teens
Fred S. Margolis, DDS, discusses the role of aesthetic flowable composites in treating children and adolescents.

A New and Economical Concept for No-Prep Veneers
Moshe Mizrachi, CDT, and Robert A. Lowe, DDS, explore an indirect restorative technique that can provide patients with a less costly alternative to typical all-ceramic options.

Acetaminophen Can Increase Blood Pressure

Single- Versus Multiple-Visit Endodontic Treatment for Infected Root Canal

Osteoporosis Drug Associated With Very Low Risk of Serious Jaw Disease

Smoking Early in Pregnancy Raises Risk of Heart Defects in Infants

Pertussis: Updated Immunization Recommendations

Minimally Invasive Caries Removal

Detecting Early Tooth Decay

Balancing Offense and Defense in Oral Biofilm


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