December 2016

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19TH ANNUAL LEADERS In Continuing education
Dentistry Today’s Leaders in Continuing Education Directory

The 19th annual Leaders in Continuing Education directory contains contact information and lecture topics for 2017’s clinical leaders.

Dentistry Today’s Leaders in Dental Consulting Directory

The 19th annual Leaders in Dental Consulting directory contains contact information and lecture topics for 2017’s consulting leaders.

Dual CBCT Scanning Technique for Completely Edentulous Arches

Randolph Resnik, DMD, MDS, shares a case showcasing a guided implant surgical application.

Should General Practitioners Place Implants?
L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS, writes in support of the general practitioners who wish to learn how to expertly place their own dental implants.

Single Versus Multiple Endodontic File Use

John West, DDS, MSD, discusses how single file use protocol can make clinical work more efficient and less stressful for the doctor.

Modern Posterior Composite Placement: An Innovative Single-Increment Technique

Edward Werner Schubert, DDS, MS; Juliana Larocca de Geus, DDS, MS; Yasmine Mendes Pupo, DDS, MS, PhD; Giovana Mongruel Gomes, DDS, PhD; Osnara Maria Mongruel Gomes, DDS, PhD; and João Carlos Gomes, DDS, PhD; present a case report demonstrating how to combine modern
restorative materials and techniques for posterior composite resin restorations.

Universal-Size Mouthguards: An Affordable Alternative for the Young Athlete

Theodore P. Croll, DDS, talks about a recently introduced thermoplastic tooth protector and impact deflector.

The Importance of Vital Signs

Jason R. Flores, RN, DDS, presents the 4 common vital signs, their accepted normal limits, explanation of the numerical values, and reasons for changing values in the dental setting. This article is peer reviewed and available for 2 hours of CE credit.

Clean Out the Closet! Use the New Gingivitis Code

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