The e-Dx is the next generation in endodontic diagnostic instruments. This unique instrument can easily cold-test and fracture-test teeth. Using a special open cell foam insert, the e-Dx stores dental coolants longer, enabling a doctor to easily cold-test multiple teeth. The detachable contra-angled pliers are designed to securely hold the foam insert and reach posterior teeth to provide improved visibility during cold testing. The built-in FracTester can be placed onto a tooth cusp or other suspected areas to help detect fractures. For more information, call (800) 752-2812 or visit jordco.com.


JS Dental Manufacturing

Xtreme endodontic instruments are extremely flexible and follow the canal with virtually no transportation, ledging, or perforation. The development of a controlled memory material has enabled JS Dental Manufacturing to make files that follow the canal like nothing else on the market and are also 300% less likely to separate. These files follow the path of least resistance, resulting in a perfectly enlarged canal, preserved tooth structure, and easier obturation. They also return to their original shape during autoclaving. The Xtreme instruments are available in K-File and turbo file configurations as well as an engine-driven, full-rotation Xtreme 360°. They are available in sizes 15 through 40 in 21-, 25-, and 31-mm lengths (360° not available in 31 mm). For more information, call (800) 284-3368 or visit jsdental.com.


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