ORAL IRRIGATOR - Philips Sonicare

AirFloss is a breakthrough interproximal cleaning device from the makers of the No. 1-recommended power toothbrush brand by dental professionals in the United States (based on sales and recommendation figures). It removes plaque from between teeth with quick bursts of air and microwater droplets, providing a simple and effective alternative for those patients who won’t use traditional string floss. In just 60 seconds, Sonicare Airfloss uses less than a teaspoon of water to remove up to 99% more plaque between teeth than brushing with a manual toothbrush alone. It’s equipped with easy-to-use features like the guidance tip that allows you to simply point and click for easy, one-handed use. For more information, call (800) 676-7664 or visit sonicare.com.

Top 50 Technology Product 2012