The Rebec Catch Hg 400, part of the Catch Hg amalgam separation series and environmental program offered by HealthFirst, is one of the most durable amalgam separators on the market. ISO-11143 tested at 99.86% removal efficiency, it removes mercury amalgam and other solids from dental waste water, ensuring your practice is doing its part to protect the water supply. This turnkey solution is easy to install and maintain, which minimizes office downtime. Plus, with scalable collection units to fit your office needs, you only have to recycle the waste collector one time each year—guaranteed. The Rebec 400 is small enough to fit in even the tightest spaces yet has one of the largest holding capacities on the market. You can combine all this with a lifetime warranty and HealthFirst’s complete environmental program. For more information, call (800) 331-1984 or visit healthfirst.com.


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