Innovation and efficiency are at the heart of Medidenta's amalgam waste disposal program, and by utilizing this program, dental offices will be equipped with an amalgam separator, an amalgam waste disposal unit, and a vacuum line cleaner all for a profession-low entry price and low monthly service plans. Medidenta's M.A.R.S amalgam separator features an ISO mercury recovery rating of 99.9% and is maintenance-free for its life cycle, which means never having to change a filter. You can install it and forget it for at least 3 years until it is time to replace the separator at no charge. For more information, call (800) 799-3858.



With MyRay's innovative Hyperion X7, users not only benefit from the most intuitive pan and ceph scan process but also from MyRay's small-field VT plug-in. Explore a 4- x 4- x 10-cm area in transversal slices to survey bone availability and accurately plan single implant sites. Comfort, efficiency, and user-friendliness make this intelligent extraoral radiography machine an instant winner for any dental practice. It applies utmost sophisticated kinematics to accurately follow patients' complex morphology for constant image magnification. Morphology Recognition Technology automatically identifies patient size and all parameters required to ensure correct x-ray exposure. It completes scans in less than 9 seconds and offers the choice of 15 programs, including bitewings and temporomandibular joints. Ceph imaging is available and incorporates smart solutions for increased patient comfort. For more information, call (800) 416-3078 or visit myrayamerica.com.


iPad INTERFACE - MacPractice

The MacPractice iPad Interface with ePrescribe is designed with Apple's Web App development tools. It provides remote and network communication from an iPad to dental offices that use MacPractice DDS. Utilizing the interface, dentists can create new patient records in MacPractice from the iPad and post procedures and diagnosis from outside the office or in an exam room. Daily practice activity reports can be reviewed easily from outside the office, notes can be sent between the office staff and the doctor, and e-mail can be sent to patients and referring providers. Office schedules and patient photos can be viewed, and dentists and assistants can review and record patient vital statistics and chronic diagnoses and review prescription history and allergies when seeing a patient, all on an iPad. For more information, visit macpractice.com.



In contrast to the conventional LED, which is used in applications from a simple flashlight to the brake lights of a car, the MK-dent LED captivates by a special property— the characteristic of the light itself—to meet the diverse needs of dentistry at the highest level. A unique method of displaying white light allows the MK-dent LED to produce one-of-a-kind natural daylight at a color temperature of 5,500K. Other LEDs produce a cold, artificial-looking light with a bluish cast. Dentistry's basic requirements for the detection of contours and shading are difficult to clear when using regular LED lighting. For more information, visit mk-dent.com.


MICROSCOPE - Magnified Video Dentistry

The new MagnaVu Dental Procedure Scope 3 produces precise, clear, highly magnified images and eliminates the need for magnified loupes or microscopes, thereby reducing back, neck, and eyestrain. By incorporating the scope and a more ergonomic posture position during procedures, dentists can reduce aches and pains and may actually prolong their careers by eliminating the need to constantly bend or twist over the patient. In fact, musculoskeletal disorders are the No. 1 reason for dentists retiring early. Imagine being able to perform lengthy procedures with your head up, looking straight ahead at highly magnified images on a high-resolution 19-in video display placed at eye level. The updated MagnaVu PS 3 Scope has a longer down tube leading to a new, triple-axis swivel at the scope head, providing additional movement, more visibility, and better viewing angles than in the past. For more information, call (877) 556-6587 or visit magnavu.com.


Top 50 Technology Product 2011