Isolite Systems' dental isolation technology provides unprecedented control over the oral environment. It comfortably retracts the tongue and cheek, protects the throat, and keeps the mouth gently propped open with continuous suctioning of the dental patient. With the tongue out of the way and a dry field in which to work, dental procedures are completed 30% faster on average with less stress for the dental professional and improved comfort for the dental patient. The award-winning Isolite provides 5 levels of brilliant intraoral of illumination. The nonilluminated Isodry performs the same functions as Isolite, but with no light. Both systems utilize the patented Isolite mouthpiece. The unique shape and softness of the mouthpiece allows fluids and debris to be evacuated from deep within the oral cavity. Single-use Isolite mouthpieces are available in multiple sizes to fit the spectrum of patients from small child to large adult. For more information, call (800) 560-6066 or visit the web site isolitesystems.com.



The EVA digital x-ray system delivers big value. Backed by the proven reliability of tens of thousands of installations ranging from single-chair clinics to dental chains, it offers a rugged sensor design coupled with the highest standard of technology. Just a few millimeters thin, EVA delivers crisp, clear radiographs with virtually any intraoral x-ray head. The CMOS imaging chip is designed for maximum durability, and the sensor sizes are nearly identical to pedo- and adult-size films. Fast USB connectivity delivers images to the computer monitor in seconds. Its TWAIN driver allows EVA sensors to work in most imaging software systems. For more information, call (800) 592-6666 or visit imageworkscorporation.com.


DIODE LASER - Ivoclar Vivadent

The Odyssey Navigator features technology that provides more convenience, easier operation, more flexibility, and great portability. All Odyssey lasers come with in-office support, hands-on training, one of the best warranty programs in the profession and one of the best total values in the profession. It has several features, including the following: (1) portability with a lithium-ion battery that provides 45 minutes of portable lasing, allowing you complete freedom to use the Odyssey Navigator in any operatory; (2) functionality
that comes standard with more than 30 preset clinical procedures installed along with the ability to create your own programs. It has an intuitive touchscreen for easy activation and an ergonomic handpiece for comfort; (3) in-office support provides hands-on demonstration and training, given by your local Ivoclar Vivadent representative. It's included with your purchase; and (4) education and live hands-on training are provided at an Ivoclar Vivadent training center and are included with your purchase. For more information, call (800) 533-6825 or visit ivoclarvivadent.com/odyssey.


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