SWERV3 brings you the latest in magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaling. It’s an effective, versatile scaler that is designed specifically for the comfort of dental professionals and their patients. It features finely tuned electronics, which improves control and scaling effectiveness in all clinical indications, helping dental professionals provide optimal care. A full range of power settings provides procedural versatility and optimizes clinical efficacy. The lightweight, well-balanced handpiece is designed to enhance clinical ergonomics by reducing muscle strain. Hu-Friedy designed the SWERV3 with a smooth touchpad control panel for ease of disinfection. This ultrasonic scaler also features color-coded lighted displays, which provide a visual queue for identification of current settings. An autopurge function helps facilitate proper waterline maintenance. For more information, call (800) HU-FRIEDY or visit swerv3.com.

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